ISO 9001

The success of ISO 9001 is exceptional and unparalleled. It has criss-crossed the globe, attracting disciples and penetrating markets, industries, and professions that no one could have anticipated.

It is only because the requirements for QMS are the same, be it USA, UK, Japan, China, India or elsewhere and it is a good architecture of quality management system.

It is successful because it is generic and can be applied to any type and size of organization. From manufacturing to service, small shops to multinational corporations, moneymaking enterprises to non-profit and governmental agencies, the standard has proven its worth as an effective model for managing an “business/organisation” system.

Benefits of ISO 9001:

Suits all types of businesses, large or small – manufacturing or services
Greater success with tenders
Reduced costs and re-work
Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
Increased profitability
Competitive advantage
Proven to help win and retain business