Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality (COQ) is a way of measuring the costs associated with ensuring that a Culture of Quality thrives in an organisation, as well as the costs associated with Quality failures. There are four types of Quality-related costs: Prevention costs These are our planned cost of ensuring that our design and implementation of the [...]

Efficiency or Effectiveness?

Efficiency and effectiveness.  Are these words interchangeable, or do they have specific inference in the context of business? Definition: Efficiency. The ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully and [...]

What do ISO Consultants actually do?

Get to know your organisation, it’s products and services, goals and objectives, customers and suppliers. Plan and organise activities to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. Create all the necessary documentation for your business. Help your put the plans in place Be with you on the [...]

Why might a company hire an external ISO Consultant?

There are many reasons why companies hire outside consultants rather than have their own in-house employees for ISO. Missing skill-sets. Often, the existing workforce just don’t have the experience or knowledge required to put the plans in place to achieve compliance. Depth of knowledge. There’s a lot involved in taking a business thorough the journey [...]

What is the 9001:2015 change? What’s the difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 9001:2008

If you’re not sure what the 9001:2015 change means, then give us a call. We can help you understand the changes in terms of what your organisation needs to do to comply, such as amending documentation, implementing new requirements and reviewing the effectiveness of your current control set.